“We were out house hunting, my wife and I. We had been looking in the Troon North area. We were driving through Troon North, when we spotted an open house. What impressed us about the house was not the house itself, but the agent representing Berkshire Hathaway, Michelle Miller. We spoke with her about the home, had a delightful conversation about home buying and selling, she was very knowledgable about the processes. We spoke to her about selling our home and helping us to buy our dream retirement home. We set an appointment so she could view our home. She gave us some ideas on how to and what to do to sell it quickley. We also discussed a value, hers was higher than ours, which was fine, as her knowledge about the market was based on her expertise and her experience. We followed her advice to the letter. The home listed on a Monday, she called later that same day and informed us that we might get an offer for full price, we did, thanks to Michelle. Sold, within 24 hours! Now we had to find a new home. We continued to look in the Troon area, we were able to find a home quickly, that had everything we wanted, and more. With her help we were able to negotiate a price that was below market value, much to our delight. She guided us through the purchase process, quickly and efficiently. There were more forms to sign than we had anticipated, but her understanding and patience guided us through this process and at the same time reducing the anticipated stress we were sure to feel. My wife and I will recommend her not only to our good friends looking to sell or buy a home, but to all of you who may read this. Her knowledge and customer service went way beyond what we had expected. She followed up on all matters, called when she said she would, kept us informed before, during, and after all the steps. She was just great to work with, would recommend her 100%. Thanks Mike & Lynn Leas”


“We would not be in our home today if it were ot for the efforts of Michelle on working to get it closed.” You can also see this review on Trulia – Mike Thompson, Scottsdale

“Michelle was a true professional in every part of our home searching and closing process.” Ask to see the bouquet of flowers this client sent to me.– The Fletchers, Scottsdale

“Michelle worked with builder/sales agent and mortgage company on the purchase. She was dedicated, sharp/detail oriented and protected our interest as buyers. She has a great business sense and has integrity. GREAT agent on by purchase and sale!! I would highly recommend Michelle!” – gxgrant