Water Heater Maintenance & TPR Valves

TPR Valves and Discharge Piping I thought this would be useful information as defects with this valve can show up on an inspection report and many people have no idea what this valve does and why it's important. Temperature/pressure-relief or TPR valves are safety devices installed on water heaters. TPRs are designed to automatically release water in the event that pressure or temperature in the water tank exceeds safe levels. If temperature sensors and safety devices such as TPRs … [Read more...]

Cromford Report Market Status Phoenix / Scottsdale and Surrounding Areas

A Great Time to Buy As a subscriber to the Cromford Report I am able to provide up to date information about the current trends we are seeing in our market place.  Unlike the information you read in magazines or newspapers, which is about 3 months old by the time it hits print, this information is real time.   If you are looking for current statistics about your area please contact me for a market analysis at 480-466-2984. According to the Cromford Report regarding supply: April 16 - … [Read more...]

Berkshire Hathaway Open House Blitz Sat 3/19 12-4pm

Berkshire Hathaway will be holding an Open House Blitz on Saturday, March 19th from 12-4pm.  This is a great way for buyers to view the available inventory held by Berkshire Hathaway. Homes will be open in Scottsdale, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills, Carefree etc...  Homes of all price points will be open so it's an ideal time to shop and compare the inventory. Agents of Berkshire Hathaway would like to welcome you and your family and friends to join us for this fun event.  So mark the date for … [Read more...]

New MLS Status

MLS Adds a new status code Starting this week the MLS, in Arizona at least, has added a new status code for listings CCBS - Contract Contingent on Buyer Sale.  So why is this important?  Prior to this change, in the MLS,  a listing agent could use the code UCB (which still exists) that means Under Contract but accepting Backup Offers.  Even thought it states that the homeowner will accept a backup offer many buyers are reluctant to look at a home that is already under contract; why fall … [Read more...]