5 tips to decorating a bookcase

Bookcases can be a time consuming item to decorate but here are a few quick tips you can incorporate when you attempt when decorating a bookcase. Utilize these tips for every day life and enjoying your surroundings or when staging your home for sale.  The better decorated a home the better is shows and will sell quicker. https://youtu.be/23NIe_evFwU See all of my featured listings at: www.MillerTeamSellsAZHomes.com View this Listing … [Read more...]

Prepping Your Home for Sale

Prepping Your Home for Sale I always recommend that people pay to have their home inspected prior to putting it up for sale - why you ask?  It allows you, the seller, to uncover items that may become a deal breaker later.  Some people don't want to incur the cost, since the buyer will do an inspection anyway. Here's what happens again and again.  The seller doesn't want to pay a few hundred dollars for the pre-inspection and put the house on the market.  They get an offer on their house, … [Read more...]